Vatica Dahlia

projection-mapped performance sculpture
red oak, CNC'd rear-projection polycarbonate
8' x 8' x 3'
GLSL, touchdesigner, rhino/grasshopper

Installation and Performance
In collaboration with Cullen Miller, Stephanie Sherriff, Lara Grant
Table Design by Ryan Alexander

Much like creating a piece of software, a ritual is crafted procedurally and, when compiled correctly, there are results based upon what constituted the contents of the procedure. Vatica Dahlia’s Rites is a custom time-based system designed to port, compress, and obfuscate the Knowledge that has been handed down throughout the ages by the mages, sages, shamans, and initiates. Structured into distinct ten Chapters, each element utilizes a combination of networked performance, spatial sound, projection-mapped architecture, fashion, and ceremonial magic as a vehicle for transmutation and transmission.

devotion gallery, brookly ny
more show dates to be announced

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