GL Sketches

interactive software experiments
c++ / OpenGL


Software Experiment. Tones are determined by lines that are attached to a randomly generated series of points, which have a "chaos" variable. Tones range from rigid and rhythmic to degenerative and organic, resulting in system of overlapping frequencies and polyrhythms.

Swim Tank

A form follows an infinite path drawn by you, and then reacts to its own trail. A user can interact and control the movement on two axis, while the depth of the path follows a sinusoidal rhythm that is affected by paths previously drawn.


Organic forms react to the user and each other. Their motions and position in space create and/or affect audio. A tenticles depth in space is correlated to volume, while its color is linked to a tone in the audio spectrum. Interaction with the tentacle instrument is smooth, undulating, jellyfish-like.


code sketch experiments created w/Josh Nimoy during the making of Modest Mouse w/Motion Theory. Further pursuites could use as an audio-visual instrument. Depth in z-space as audio volume. Intersections, connections and line-length determine tones.


interations based on Web